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The Texas Hill Country is perhaps the most sought-after area in the state of Texas.  With our rolling countryside, pristine rivers, creeks and lakes all situated near major metropolitan areas providing excellent medical services, diverse entertainment, and plentiful shopping, it is an easy decision.

There is something for everyone’s tastes.  Do you desire total privacy? A community feel but in a rural setting?  Land on which you can build your own dream home? A luxury community with many amenities? A hill country view?  A lake view? Lake or river front? Or acreage for your personal menagerie of animals? Let us see what we can find for you.  

For your dream to be fulfilled it must be rooted in reality.  Knowing what you can afford is the first step. There should be a balance between what you consider a comfortable monthly payment and what features the property must have to allow enjoyment for years to come.  We recommend you work with an experienced mortgage or loan officer to determine the appropriate price range for you. He or she will need an honest accounting of your present income and expenses including such items as:

  • Verification of income – W-2 statements or tax returns for 2 years if self-employed, other forms of income (veteran’s benefits, interest income, social security, etc.)
  • Verification of assets – bank and savings account statements for past 3 months, property & vehicles owned, stock & investments
  • Debt – how much do you owe and to whom (credit card, loans, alimony or child support, evidence of payment history for rent or mortgage)
  • Credit history – if you don’t have an established history you will need a demonstration of payment of bills such as rent, utilities or other recurring obligations

As we discuss your goals, price range, desired property features, and preferred location, we can narrow down the options until you find the right property. We understand this is a big choice with lasting effects that you will live with for years. That is why you need an experienced, knowledgeable real estate professional to walk alongside you, ready to give guidance from start to finish.   

We are ready when you are, give StoneWater Real Estate a call at 830-708-6547.

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