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Selling your home can be a daunting task if you are ill prepared or ill advised. We have all heard a story about a lucky friend of a friend who sold his or her home in less than a week.  What was forgotten in that tall tale was the time required to prepare that home for the sale. That is where the right guidance from your realtor comes in. The philosopher Seneca stated, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.  Preparation not only helps sell your home or property quickly, it also may increase the value. This can be as simple as increasing curb appeal by trimming the shrubs and trees or as complex as painting the home and changing the flooring. StoneWater Real Estate is here to guide you when ready to experience your own “luck” story but below are some things to consider.

First Impressions Are Key

Take a look at your home with fresh eyes. This is the time to be critical of the place you have loved for years.  What does someone else see when walking through your home? Remember you have only one opportunity to make a “first” impression as a potential buyer first sees the exterior of your home and when he or she enters the home.  It is your goal to eliminate the possibility of “no” and multiply the possibility of “yes”. Help the person imagine the enjoyment of living there!

Exterior: Curb appeal is that initial “wow factor”. How does someone feel when driving up to the home? In that one instant a home can be rejected. Keep your lawn mowed, driveway/sidewalks swept, and windows/screens clean.  Pressure wash the driveway and freshen the flower beds by taking out weeds and perhaps adding plants with color. Consider whether the house should have a fresh coat of paint. And always, keep the garage door closed.

Interior: Your second chance for a “first” impression occurs when the buyer walks in the front door. What will the potential buyer see as he or she enters the home AND what will the person smell?  If the home is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom & smells nice, buyers will know it has been lovingly maintained. This is especially critical if you have pets.

Everyone understands you are still living in your home but keep dirty laundry in a hamper and dirty dishes out of the sink.  Steam/Shampoo the carpets and consider using a professional cleaning service for a deep cleaning if you do not have the time to do the work yourself.  

Make your home feel larger by removing clutter. Rent a storage unit to get the “stuff” out of the house & garage if necessary.

If you know someone is viewing the home, create a welcoming atmosphere.  Turn on the lights, set the thermostat to a comfortable level, light scented candles, play quiet music if you have a sound system, get the pets out of the house and most importantly – vacate the premises!

Let Go of Your Ego

You will be leaving your home behind and it will become someone else’s dream.  This is the time to let go of the ego surrounding your home. The color of the guest bathroom that you thought was such a bold statement may seem an eyesore to another.  The forgotten broken boards of the fence in the backyard may now need to be fixed. There may be things a potential buyer may want changed or even repaired. This is not a personal statement against you or how you cared for your home.  It is a business transaction during which the desires of both parties will be met. This requires mutual compromise. The goal is to part at the end with both sides feeling satisfied.

StoneWater Real Estate stands ready to guide you through this maze.

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