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There are many free websites that offer a “free home value” search. Most of these sites pull the value directly from appraisal district sites that are based solely on tax roll comparisons. In most instances these figures are arbitrary at best and way off the mark at worst. They don’t take any home information into account except square footage of living space, garages, outbuildings/barns & patios.

Te get an accurate value range for your home the above is simply not enough. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms (full & half), garage bays, floor coverings, exterior veneer, acreage, views, counter tops as well as other amenities can play a major roll in the true value of the home.

We offer a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will compare “apples to apples”. Whether you want to sell your home or fight the appraisal district, the CMA is FREE!

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