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Buying Land in the Texas Hill Country

Purchasing land in the Texas Hill Country can be a wise investment, even if you're not going to build on it short-term. Arguably one of the most beautiful areas of an already-beautiful state, the Texas Hill Country is being developed carefully and will continue to command high selling prices for homes, as well as being sought after for commercial development. Realistically there will probably not be a better buying opportunity for Texas Hill Country land for the next 10 to 15 years.

If you would like to purchase land long-distance, Herb Young and his team can accommodate you. We can act as your agent to both select and purchase land or property, whether you live in Houston, Dallas, or outside of Texas.

For obvious reasons it is more desirable to purchase property in person so you can touch it, smell it & feel it. However, opportunities can arise where timing is everything. That perfect property or incredible deal may present itself when time won’t stand still and action is required. If you need a week or so to make the trip, there are safe, inexpensive ways to hold property for personal inspections. The important thing is to tie it up so you are in control of the property. This can be accomplished with purchase contracts tied to option periods.

In this technological age we live, remote purchases are easier and safer than ever. With digital photos and flash card videos, the investor can view properties from the comfort of their home or office. Documents such as contracts, surveys, plats, disclosures and yes, even closing documents can all be scanned and emailed. We have inspectors and appraisers who can be hired to assist you with your final decisions as to market values and property conditions. A survey will guarantee the boundaries of the property you purchase and a title insurance policy will guarantee good and indefeasible title. Remote purchase can be done and it all starts right here!

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