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Our Saveable Loan Calculator

This feature allows you to set up one or more simple interest loans, name them, and get detailed print-out information on them. You can even enter special transactions such as credits and charges, or lump-sum payments. When you are finished setting up your loan click the "preview" button, and then click "save my loan" - you can sign in and review your loans later on.

Title or street address for this loan:

Enter three of the following four values:

  1. Outstanding value of the loan:
    (dollars and cents)
  2. Length of the loan (or number of payments):
  3. Interest rate (%):
  4. Monthly Payment:

Optional Values:
Month and year the loan starts (or started):
Month and year the loan ends (or ended):

(You only need to enter the loan start OR the loan end; the calculator will do the rest)