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How To Find Your Next Investment

If you're considering real estate as an investment to diversify your portfolio, you should approach your next purchase as you would when purchasing stocks or bonds.  The terms may be slightly different, but the principles are the same.

Investing in the stock market, with few exceptions in time periods, is better than not investing at all.  This will be true as long as we Americans remain a productive and innovative people; in theory and in practice, the stock market reflects our increase in value as a country.  Of course, all of that growth still must happen on "dirt", i.e. land.  Therefore the value of that land will grow with our national growth generally.

Purchasing land/properties is a lot like investing in stocks-the values go up and down. If you purchase a good stock in a sound, reputable company, the odds are with you that the value will come back. With real estate, if you purchase in a good location the odds will be with you as well.

However, if you're a more astute investor, you will be interested in transactions offering a higher pay-off, but over a longer term.  These include land purchases over an acre, high demand rare/scarce properties like waterfront and water view and also "fixer-upper" houses.   Fixer-upper houses may be thought of as a shorter-term, moderate risk transaction (you have no assurance the house will fetch the price you're asking, but you can probably complete the flip in the present timeframe).  Land purchases with an eye to development fall in several categories, primarily based on the degree you intend to be involved in development (vs. if you're simply intending to sell later on), and how soon you intend for that development to start.

Herb has been involved in the full range of real estate investment transactions throughout the Texas Hill Country, and will be glad to work with you from start to finish; from formulating the decision numbers on a purchase to helping you with the final transaction.  We look forward to discussing your goals and assisting you profiting in the Hill Country area.

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