The Importance of Kitchens and Baths

The kitchen & the master bath can be two of the most important rooms in the house. These two rooms can make or break a deal.

The Kitchen……the gathering place……the center of activity!

The kitchen is where memories are made. It should be clean, uncluttered & inviting! This is one room where you can update, restore or remodel & have a good chance to recoup your investment.

1. UPDATE: Of the three options listed above, updating your kitchen probably makes the most sense for resale. This could include replacing old tile or Formica counter tops with granite, stained concrete, travertine or silestone. Old fluorescent light fixtures could be replaced with modern canned lighting. You might reface/replace the cabinets or replace just the fronts. You might add hardware to the doors if they have been without. Typically during an update you would also replace appliances. Updating works great for kitchens that have a good original design.

2. RESTORE: Restoration is better suited for older homes in which you are trying to maintain the original look. This would include replacing the counter tops with as exact a copy as possible, refurbishing paneled/wooden walls, replacing appliances with appliances from the same era, and replacing the linoleum floors or sanding & refurbishing wooden floors. Restoration is an option for resale if you are in a home with some historic value.

3. REMODEL: With a full remodel you would basically “gut” the original kitchen, possibly removing walls to “open up” the floor plan. Typically you would make a whole new design or footprint. New cabinets counter tops, light fixtures, appliances, sinks & flooring is the order of the day when doing a complete remodel. You might add an island as another work space or have an island with a breakfast bar. Remodeling makes sense if you plan to stay in the home for 3-5 years.

The Bath…….relaxation…..warmth…..the getaway!

Bathrooms- from showers that feel like rain to spray heads that will knock your barnacles off; you have so many options today. The bath is the other room in which you can usually get your investment back if you update, restore or remodel.

Again, updating will probably make the most sense when getting your home ready to sell. New seamless glass shower doors, new towel bars or rings, counter tops, shower spray heads, etc can make a world of difference. If the master has a shower/tub combo, change it out to a shower only as long as there is another tub in the house. Use ceramic tile or travertine and give it the “wow” factor. If bathroom has carpet, remove & replace with tile. If new counter tops are needed, consider replacing the sinks with glass or copper bowls & new fixtures.

You might be asking yourself “why would I do all of this updating, restoration or remodeling if I am only going to get my money back”. Good question! It will more than likely mean your home sells in 30-120 days rather than 6 months to a year or more. Remember-time is money!

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